What is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy ?

Hypnosis can be viewed as “guided meditation”, with which deep physical and mental relaxation can be achieved. In healing hypnosis, wakefulness remains active at all times and nothing happens against the will of the client. When there is trust in the therapist, hypnosis will work because it is clear that deep relaxation is good and access to the subconscious is the key to healing. Noticeable changes are usually achieved after just a few sessions.


Deep Relaxation already has a healing effect. As physical and mental cramps are released, many problems disappear as if by themselves. Health and self-confidence are strengthened.
Suggestions: The deeper the client is relaxed, the more effectively the therapist can communicate with his subconscious using words and images. Instead of the old “negative” patterns, new “positive” instructions regarding body, feelings and behavior can be anchored in the subconscious. Hypnoanalysis: Severe or „persistent“ symptoms are based on unresolved experiences (trauma). These can be biographical experiences, but also empirical images from the family system or previous lives. Regression and Trauma healing are used here. We go back on the lifeline until we find the triggering event. For healing, it is important to take the horror out of the event, to give the inner child love and strength, to dissolve negative feelings such as hatred and guilt by working with Forgiveness or to use systemic healing, as it is known from Family Constellations.
Other therapy and healing methods are increased in their effectiveness through hypnosis.

Successful healings through hypnosis

Hypnotherapy helps among other things for the following diseases & symptoms:
– fear of failure at exams, appearances, public speaking, etc.
– fear of tight spaces, of flying, of spiders, etc.
– fear of emotional closeness & physical contact
– fear of the future, of illness & death
– trauma, depression, pathological grief
– compulsions & addictions (smoking cessation, losing weight, etc.)
– acute and chronic pain, fear of pain (dentist, etc.)
– sleep disorders, stress & burn out
– eating disorders
– sexual disorders, infertility
– asthma, allergies, skin diseases
– migraines, tinnitus, stuttering, etc.

Registration & costs

Location: Practice of Martin Lenz, Berlin-Mitte
Cost: 120 euros / session up to 120 minutes.
Contact: martinlenz.net@gmail.com / 030 60 959 683

The costs are to be paid as a self-payer or as a billing via private and additional insurance. Billing via the statutory health insurance is not possible.

Legal notice

The healing work I practice serves to activate the self-healing powers and does not replace diagnosis or treatment by the doctor. My instructions are suggestions that the participant complies with of his own free will. Each participant is responsible for himself and his actions. Liability for any consequences of the treatment or for accidents during the groups and meetings and on the way there are excluded. I am happy to answer any questions that may arise from the therapy sessions.