What is Family Constellation Work?

Would you like to lead a more vital life? Do you want to solve your problems with your health, relationships, family, and job?

In the beginning you tell me what you want to achieve with Family Constellation Work. And I ask you about some important facts of your family. Then I will tell you with which people the constellation begins. You choose the representatives (that is, you ask people in the group to stand for yourself, your mother, your grandfather, etc.). And just as you feel, give them a specific place in the room and a line of sight (no further information on behavior or action is required). Then sit down and we will observe the constellation you have created together. What we see is your inner image, showing the family pattern that lies beneath the problem that you have in your current life and that you want to work with.

The art of constellation work is to move this image (or constellation) through several phases in order to arrive at new images (and constellations) that will energetically solve your problems. The work is to see and feel each other, to include everyone who / everything that belongs to the system, to express what was suppressed, to give up the idea that you still need something from your parents or that you still have to give something / to solve something for someone of your family. You can end every struggle and simply choose a different life of our own with much more joy. We may even find some new resources in the family system that we have never realized before. In the end, replace your representative and you will see, feel, touch and speak with each other in the new constellation. This process usually takes about an hour.

The miracle is that the representatives feel like the real persons of your family system. We call that connection between people who are willing to meet each other beyond the mind “The Knowing Field”. Later you will stand in constellations of others and you can give back. Everybody benefits from the constellation group: me as the seminar facilitator, the clients, the representatives or the people who just watches the process. It is about to open our hearts for each other in the group and for everyone of the several family systems we look at. That is the healing energy: breathing, awareness, acceptance, conscious love.

Take everything that belongs to you and strengthens you. Let go of everything that belongs to others and weakens you. This is how you gain and liberate your life energy!

About me: My name is Martin Lenz. I was born in 1964 in East-Germany. I studied cultural science, musicology and alternative psychological therapies. I am working as therapist, puppet artist and musician. I got to know Family Constellation Work in 2000 and after my training I began to work in 2002 as a facilitator with groups and single sessions (I work here with symbols or the inner process itself). Since 2007 I have training groups too.

For further informations and registration:
mail@praxis-martin-lenz.de / 030 60 959 683

Legal notice: The healing work I practice serves to activate the self-healing powers and does not replace diagnosis or treatment by the doctor. My instructions are suggestions that the participant complies with of his own free will. Each participant is responsible for himself and his actions. Liability for any consequences of the treatment or for accidents during the groups and meetings and on the way there are excluded. I am happy to answer any questions that may arise from the therapy sessions.